How to get phone support for Google problems?

The Google account is widely used by different types of people around the world because of its easy-to-use service. It is used especially on Android mobile devices, but if most people have just done the experiment with the iPhone device to install the Gmail account with their correct email address and password. Similarly, when you are the user of the Gmail account and try to configure it on your portable device with Windows 10, you must follow the same procedure and go to the configuration of IMAP and POP mail server protocols.

Get specific tactic to solve the Google products problem:

Gmail always helps to perform the task of sending and receiving emails from customers with the help of these two protocols and when faced with an error and when sending or receiving emails, you must first verify the configuration of the SMTP and IMAP mail server. If all the settings are good, however, you are facing the same error, you must ensure that the protocol services are enabled.

The error mentioned above is so common and anyone faces the problem, however, there is a solution provided by the Gmail Support that is available at any time to access and grants a variety of methods to solve the problem in no time moment.

Apart from that, there is another more technical problem that occurs with users in the following way:

  • Recovery of the Gmail password and reset procedure.
  • Gmail address and password can’t be changed.
  • The Gmail account does not respond on Mac.
  • Gmail can’t be synchronized on an iPhone device, etc.

If you are one of them who have the same error mentioned above or if you have a problem with your Gmail account, you can make a call to the Gmail customer service phone number to get help immediately. This phone number has been the first and most important resource to access the customer support team to get the solution all the time and provide incredible relaxation all the time.

Get a solution when you can’t change the email address and password of the Gmail account:

  • At the beginning, start the Google Chrome Internet browser and go to the Google page.
  • Press on the Gmail option and try to enter the correct email address and password.
  • Go to the settings on the front of the Gmail account page and click on the Accounts and Import button.
  • Go to the Google account settings and press the change button for the Gmail address.
  • Enter the correct old Gmail address and click on the button to send a verification code.
  • Enter the verification code in the corresponding field and enter the new Gmail address.
  • Select the password change button and enter the previous password in the field.
  • A code will be automatically sent to your registered mobile phone number.
  • Enter the code and then enter the new password in the new password and confirmation field at the end of the task.

Last few words to contact Google:

We hope that you can now use your Google account with the new email address and password, and that you can easily log in to your Google account on your mobile and portable device. In the meantime, if there is an error while using your Google account and it shows a different error and you can’t solve that problem, do not hesitate to visit the Google Support Center, which is available at any time to resolve the problem.

If any of you do not know how to access Google support, simply go to the support page and you can select a contact list such as chat, phone number, email service, remote service, etc. one to access the technicians to solve multiple problems in no time.